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(ผู้ชนะฝ่ายหญิง จากการประกวด GSB Gen Campus Star ประจำภาคใต้ Yok_Metalcore I'm 'Yok' Supannika Nopparat 19 years old Stady : TSU. Songkla Communication Arts Come frome : Trang : Thailand FB : Yok Metalcore)

So say goodbye and hit the road 🖤

Pack it up and disappear 🖤

You better have some place to go 🖤




So baby just turn down the light 🖤

And Close the door 🖤

Oohh, I love that dress but you won't need it anymore 🖤

Tanned girl 🖤

I have little mustache 🖤

I'm tanned Skin 🖤

So if you love me let's me go 🖤

And run away before I know 🖤

My heart is just to dark to care 🖤

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